RPG-7 SWEP 1.2

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Ракетница, стреляющая 3 способами.
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Список изменений:

+ Added in a new missile mode — Position-marked:
* To use it, select it, look somewhere, and press your secondary attack button. After that, you should hear a *beep* sound and you can fire. If you do not set the position, it will just behave like in Manual missile mode.
* Pressing your RELOAD KEY with a loaded RPG-7 will clear the marked position
* Missiles in this mode have an arm time of 0.2 second

+ Added in a bit of description for each missile mode on the missile mode display bar

/\ Improved the unweld/unrope/etc. feature:
* Now props will unfreeze, unweld, etc. only if the prop receives enough explosive force from the rockets
* So, if a prop’s weight is 600, it’ll need to get hit by 2 rockets in order to unfreeze, unweld, etc. and to fly away from the explosion
* Velocity added to props is now also dependent on their weight — heavier props fly less distance

/\ Now you won’t be able to fire out a missile if you’re facing a wall
/\ Increased the distance away from the player that the missile gets fired from by 5 units
/\ Fixed the explosion effect not getting precached
/\ Increased cone of check on heat-seeking missiles

/\ Улучшено обнаружение энтити ракетами теплового наведения, теперь они имеют конус проверки (this prevents missiles detecting players/NPCs/other missiles behind it) и проверку следа (this prevents missiles from detecting players/NPCs/other missiles behind walls/etc.)
/\ Исправлен глюк с ракетами, стреляющими прямо в вас на карте gm_bigcity
/\ Увеличен размер топлива с 5 до 6 секунд
/\ Когда у режима лазерного наведения ракетой кончается топливо, игрок может перезарядить оружие
/\ Исправлена точка лазера, которая была слишком далеко от луча лазера.
/\ Исправлен луч лазера, который был слишком далеко от модели лазерного наводителя.
— Убран ненужный звук

RPG-7 SWEP 1.2, 7.8 out of 10 based on 45 ratings

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