Customizable Weaponry 1.231

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Customizable Weaponry
Классные модификации, насадки (прицелы, режимы стрельбы, динамическая точность, более реальная перезарядка) для оружий.
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Список оружий:
Desert Eagle; P228; FiveSeven; Glock 18; AK-47; Galil ARM; Famas; M249; M3; XM1014; MAC-10; MP5; TMP;
UMP .45; AWP; G3SG1; Steyr Aug; SG550; SG552

Список изменений:

/\ Fixed sniper rifles being completely broken
/\ Fixed selecting a weapon spewing errors

/\ Re-made the Damage over Distance feature:
* It now has dynamic damage scaling
* Has a realistic calculation of effective range for every weapon
* SMGs and pistols now do much more damage on close range, but do much less damage over distance (up to 50% less damage)

/\ Improved bone transistions with attachments like Vert grips, C-mags, etc.
/\ Crosshair is now smoother
— Removed surface penetration until I find a better way to simulate it

/\ Fixed being able to melee instantly after taking aim/firing without a delay
/\ Fixed being able to melee while reloading with a shotgun
/\ Fixed being able to melee as soon as you draw the weapon
/\ Fixed being able to take aim as soon as you draw the weapon
/\ Fixed spam of errors
/\ More various optimizations to code

+ Added in melee with the weapons:
* To use it, you must bind some key to a command called cstm_melee
* Hitting an NPC/prop will push it backwards
* Most weapons don’t have the repositioned bones, this is because I am too lazy to add them in. I will keep on adding in as updates go by.

/\ Slightly changed how the bullet penetration works:
* Improved penetration detection
* Plastic is 75% resistant to penetration (allowing max. 10 unit penetration)
* Wood is 100% resistant to penetration (allowing max. 8 unit penetration)
* Tile is 125% resistant to penetration (allowing max. 6 unit penetration)
* Concrete and metal is 150% resistant to penetration (allowing max. 4 unit penetration)
* Any other unlisted material has 100% penetration resistance (allowing max. 8 unit penetration)

/\ Fixed shotguns giving errors
/\ Fixed some weapons not having the firemode indicator
/\ Fixed incorrect positioning of muzzleflashes in third person
/\ Increased incendiary ammo’s hit effect’s amount of sparks from 20 to 30 particles
/\ Slightly changed the smoke effect
/\ Sparks now last less time
/\ Increased rate of fire on the M249
/\ More various optimization

+ Added in FULL COMPABILITY for mods like WAC, SharpEye, etc. (thanks to Kopimi for telling me how to do that!)

+ Added in surface penetration:
* It penetrates only REALLY thin walls. Maximum penetration is 4 units. (to prevent wallhackers using this to their advantage)

/\ EoTech 557’s reticule now becomes invisible as soon as you stop aiming down the sights.
/\ Fixed being able to attach something onto the weapon while aiming/running/etc.
/\ Fixed SPAS-12 and AK-74U in the «Extra» pack having some buggy stuff with attachments
/\ Fixed being able to infinitely install C-Magazines on your weapon
/\ Slightly improved dynamic crosshair scaling (it doesn’t increase the crosshair that much anymore)
/\ Lots various optimizations to the code (everyone loves locals instead of function calls over and over!)
/\ Improved incendiary ammo hit effect

1.14 (Also known as «The M203 Update»):
* Attached as any other weapon attachment
* Uses SMG Grenade ammo
* Press use + primary attack key to toggle between grenade launcher and rifle modes.
* You can only fire out a grenade if you’re aiming

* HE (High-Explosive) 40MM Grenade:
— 100% blast damage
— 100% blast radius

* CE (Centered-Explosion) 40MM Grenade:
— 150% blast damage
— 50% blast radius

* Smoke 40MM Grenade:
— Used to create temporary smoke cloud cover
— Hit target receives damage dependent on projectile speed (most likely deadly)
— No blast damage

+ From now on, when the amount of ammo left in your mag is lower than 10, a «ding» sound will get played depending on how much ammo there is left (lower = louder)

(?) Probably fixed attachments not showing up on Mac OSX computers (thanks to Kogitsune for telling me how to fix this!)
/\ Magnum ammo now deals 120% damage instead of 115%

+ Added in 6 new ammo types:
— Incendiary ammo:
* deals 70% damage
* ignites hit target for 6 seconds

— Magnum ammo:
* deals 115% damage
* 125% recoil

— Armor-piercing ammo:
* deals 130% damage to armored players/NPCs (note, NPCs count as unarmored entities)
* deals 70% damage to unarmored players/NPCs

— Hollow-point ammo:
* deals 70% damage to armored players/NPCs (note, NPCs count as unarmored entities)
* deals 130% damage to unarmored players/NPCs

— Slug ammo (shotguns):
* Fires out a single shot that deals very high damage
* Increases accuracy greatly

— Masher ammo (special ammo only for Model 627 in the «Extra» pack):
* Fires out 12 pellets
* Each pellet deals 4 damage points
* Slightly increases inaccuracy

There is also «FMJ Ammo» and «Buckshot ammo» which is the default ammo. Just 100% damage.
+ Damage is now dependent on distance:
* Maximum dependence on distance is 20%
* Distance at which dependence is 20% is 254 meters (10000 units), and even if the distance is over 254 meters, dependence will stay capped at 20%
/\ Fixed an ACOG scope bug (I thought I fixed this while I was developing, the fuck)
/\ Fixed not being able to zoom in using the mouse wheel with the AWP/G3/SG550 (fuck me and my memory)
/\ Improved aiming positions for almost every weapon
/\ Improved additional muzzleflash effect

1.12 (Also known as «The ACOG Update»):
+ Revamped the ACOG scope:
* MOST IMPORTANT: You can revert to old ACOG behavior in the Q menu (Q > Utilites > Customizable Weaponry)
* Doesn’t block the view anymore
* Zooms in from the lens (Thanks to Kogitsune for the code!)
* MP5 no longer supports the ACOG scope
* UMP45 no longer supports the ACOG scope
* M249 PARA no longer supports the ACOG scope
* Known bug: Due to the fact that the render target system does not function properly on some maps/in some areas, the ACOG scope will most likely be useless on some maps under certain circumstances unless reverted to old behavior.
+ Crouching/taking aim will now decrease maximum spread.
+ Added in spawn icons for attachments
/\ Fixed a bug that involved crouching down, taking aim, and firing a shot
/\ Fixed mouse wheel zoom not working for sniper rifles
/\ Fixed a bug with the ammokit when dropping an ammokit and switching to another weapon
/\ Decreased amount of time required until inaccuracy starts decreasing
/\ Every action now has the same crosshair transparency increase/decrease rate
/\ Weapons will no longer sway when taking aim and moving your view around
/\ Cleaned up un-used textures (-1.2MB in size!)
/\ Updated information about attachments
/\ Changed text from «Weapon Upgrades» to «Weapon Attachments»
/\ Shooting an attachment/ammokit/medkit will now push it away
/\ Ammokits will no longer give half a mag of an ammo type if a weapon that is using it is not empty

+ Silencers now lower recoil (NOT muzzle climb) by 15%, but deal 10% less damage
+ When taking aim, mouse sensitivity will be lowered depending on how zoomed in you are (it is also customizable in the Q menu (Q > Utilities > Customizable Weaponry))
/\ Fixed amount of time required to pass until able to change firemode/reload/attach something being wrong if a player reloaded a non-empty mag
/\ Players are now unable to interrupt weapon cocking by sprinting
/\ Increased Desert Eagle’s damage
/\ Lowered accuracy on SMGs
/\ Slightly changed the way accuracy works
/\ Maximum spread decreased
/\ Improved the ammokit:
* Fixed ammo kit setting your ammo amount to 3 mags even if you had more than that
* The ammo kit will now give half a mag to an inactive weapon that has no ammo in reserve
* Ammo kit will now give a full mag if the weapon’s clip size is less than 50 rounds
* Ammo kit now can refill 12 times instead of 10

+ EoTech 557 now uses a proper red dot sprite
/\ Improved accuracy:
* From now on LMG’s (this pack has only M249 Para, the pack with custom weapons will have a few more) maximum inaccuracy is 15%, to make suppressive fire/support more useful
* LMGs have their inaccuracy decreased (now LMGs are oriented around support/suppressive fire, and not on precise fire)
* Crouching down now decreases recoil
* Slightly increased inaccuracy for sniper rifles when not taking aim
/\ Fixed being able to fire weapons underwater
/\ Increased shotgun reload speed
/\ Recoil is a bit more snappier now
/\ Fixed EoTech 557’s buggy texture (no more will it be transparent!)
/\ Tweaked up speed at which the viewmodel moves when sprinting/attaching something/etc. (is less snappy now)

+ Prepared the weapon base for a pack of custom weapons to release in the near future
+ Force given to props is now dependent on weapon damage
+ From now on when you start a reload, the amount of ammo left in your mag will be down to 1 (chambered bullet) and the amount of ammo left in the mag will be moved to your reserve ammo
/\ Remade the accuracy system:
* Pistols are now affected by the dynamic accuracy system
* Accuracy is now more or less like in Battlefield: Bad Company 2
* Optimized — less networking and less calculations
/\ Improved pistols:
* Pistols now play a single animation when reloading with an empty mag
/\ Improved sniper rifles:
* Greatly decreased spread when firing without taking aim
* Decreased recoil for G3SG1 and SG550
* Fixed SG550 and G3SG1 having incorrect aim position
/\ Fixed «VElements nil value» error spam on some weapons
/\ Optimized silenced fire code
(?) Fixed a possible Lua error spam with the smoke effect

+ Добавлена ограниченная способность для аддонов типа WAC, SCars, др.

Заметка: Мод SCars 1.3 работает хорошо.

+ Прицеливаясь и используя полуавтоматический режим стрельбы, держа в руках штурмовую винтовку (не автомат), ваша точность будет чуть-чуть увеличена.
/\ ACOG-Прицел теперь приближает больше
/\ Исправлен баг, когда вы одновременно целились и бежали
/\ Улучшен эффект дыма
/\ Дополнительный эффект дыма от выстрела теперь исчезает быстрее

+ Weapons now use appropriate ammo types
+ Added in an additional muzzleflash effect (the one used in CS:S) and just like every other muzzleflash effect, it can be toggled in the Q menu (Q > Utilities > Customizable Weaponry)
+ Crouching now decreases recoil
/\ Improved P90:
* Changed ironsights
* Increased accuracy slightly
/\ Improved bullet tracer (thanks to Leeroy Newman for the help!)
/\ Fixed being able to attach stuff to a weapon while reloading
/\ Fixed being able to attach stuff to a weapon while firing
/\ Fixed being unable to reload AWP after switching to automatic mode (which shouldn’t even be there)
/\ Fixed M249 chambering a bullet
/\ Maximum cone spread decreased
/\ Fixed UMP45 having incorrect accuracy with an aim-assisting attachment
/\ Weapons sway much less when taking aim now

+ Weapons don’t emit muzzleflashes when silenced anymore
/\ Removed networking of additional muzzle flash effects (thanks to Vimto for the help!)
/\ Improved accuracy:
* Accuracy is now only 30% dependent on the player’s velocity while aiming
* Accuracy has been increased on most weapons
/\ Fixed a bug related to zooming in/out with scopes
/\ Fixed M3 having incorrect accuracy
/\ Fixed weapons without silencers not emitting a heatwave effect
/\ Improved Famas:
* Added an Aimpoint
* Decreased recoil
/\ Fixed a rare Lua error (thanks to Kogitsune for telling me how to fix it!)

+ You can now zoom in/zoom out when using sniper rifles with your mouse wheel key (thanks to Kogitsune for example code!)
+ Now the player will lean from the first person perspective while sprinting
/\ All weapons now have slightly increased accuracy (except for the Famas, it’s now slightly less accurate)
/\ Fixed Lua error spam that happened when a player was pressing his reload key while wielding a sniper rifle
/\ Fixed a bullet chambering bug
/\ Fixed Desert Eagle using Glock 18’s killicon
/\ Fixed SG552 using SG550’s killicon
/\ Fixed Steyr Aug zooming in less than SG552 did
/\ Decreased idle weapon shake
/\ Improved crosshair alpha/weapon approaching

+ Added in the smoke effect texture (people that didn’t have DoD:S expirienced purple&black texture problems)
/\ Fixed Steyr Aug and SG552 (for real this time!)
/\ Fixed some weapons not playing an animation when attaching something onto the weapon
/\ Fixed killicons

+ Added in a gunfire heat effect
+ Added in a gunfire smoke effect (both of these effects are run on the client, to reduce load on other players)
+ Added in a blur effect when aiming/sprinting
+ When attaching something onto the weapon, you will play an animation
+ Pistols now use a different position when sprinting
/\ Improved MP5:
* Fixed MP5 not having an EOTech 557 in third person
* Fixed MP5 using shotgun holdtype
* Corrected EOTech 557’s viewmodel position on MP5
/\ Shotguns now fire 12 pellets instead of 8 per shot
/\ Fixed not being able to use lastinv with shotguns
/\ Fixed some weapons not having instructions in the Q menu
/\ Fixed a Lua error spam with SG552/Steyr Aug
/\ Fixed still staying zoomed while attaching something onto the weapon, while aiming down the ironsights/etc
/\ Fixed a bug with the shotguns when switching from the shotgun to another weapon, while reloading
— Removed un-used code

+ Added in XM1014
+ Added in an un-added sound when attaching an attachment.
/\ Improved shotguns:
* You can now interrupt an active reload by pressing your primary attack key
* Decreased delay to fire after finishing reloading
* Improved reload logic
* Fixed being able to fire while reloading
* Fixed being able to aim while reloading (these 2 bugs are quite ridiculous)
/\ Fixed «Dynamic crosshair scaling» not working on some weapons
/\ Fixed attachments that were replaced with other attachments, not dissapearing in third-person
— Removed un-used code

+ Rifles/SMGs and pistols now emit different sounds when suppressed
/\ Fixed firemode-based bug in multiplayer
/\ Fixed not being able to attach a silencer after attaching a rail mount and nothing else
/\ Fixed some weapons spawning a rail after attaching an EOTech 557 without attaching a rail
/\ Fixed non-admin players not being able to adjust their crosshairs

Ever wanted no additional viewmodels for various weapon attachments? Well guess what, this pack provides just what you wanted!

1. Download and extract somewhere
2. Check if there is no duplicate folder called «Customizable Weaponry» inside
3. Cut/Copy-paste into your Addons folder
4. Enjoy!

— Ironsights
— Dynamic accuracy
— Dynamic recoil
— Additional first-person effects, such as gunfire heat and gunfire smoke
— Super loading/Bullet chambering
— Manual reload
— 2 Firemodes (semi-auto/automatic)
— Optimized (only 1 DTInt and 2 DTFloats)
— Console variable that slightly changes the weapon’s origins
— Various other customizations in the Q menu (Q > Utilities > Customizable Weaponry)
— Weapon customization:
* 4 Aim-assisting attachments:
— ACOG scope
— Aimpoint scope
— EOTech 557 red-dot sight
— Docter red-dot sight
* Suppressors are toggleable on most weapons, excluding shotguns

— Sprinting affects your weapon:
* Cannot reload while sprinting
* Cannot fire while sprinting
* Sprinting interrupts weapon reload

— Reload varies depending on how much ammo is left in the weapon:
* Reloading an empty weapon results in a longer reload
* Reloading a non-empty weapon results in a shorter reload

Primary attack key — fire
Secondary attack key — use ironsights
Use key + secondary attack key — attach suppressor (if possible)
Use key + reload key — change firemode (if possible)

Customizable Weaponry 1.231, 8.9 out of 10 based on 281 ratings

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